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Superman: Red Son review

Posted : 4 years, 4 months ago on 1 March 2020 08:34 (A review of Superman: Red Son)

I never expected that I like this movie so much.

I love how Superman speaks in Russian xD

Nunca espere que esta pelicula me gustara tanto.

Me encanta como Superman habla en ruso xD

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Dragon Quest: Your Story review

Posted : 4 years, 4 months ago on 1 March 2020 03:39 (A review of Dragon Quest: Your Story)

This movie is cool, it's not a revolution, but it's nice with what it wants to offer.

I really liked the final message, a video game does not differ much from a book, since it is another story that stays in your heart, that end is not waiting for me.

And the part of the medicinal herb in Latin dubbing makes me laugh xD

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Sonic the Hedgehog review

Posted : 4 years, 5 months ago on 15 February 2020 12:05 (A review of Sonic the Hedgehog)

I already saw the Sonic movie, alone = ‘C

But that is not the important thing, and yes, the film is good, there is no need to demand more, since it goes more to children and fans of the franchise.

It’s nice to see that new disign of Sonic on the screen, and also Jim Carrey with Dr. Eggman, and also that the secondary characters are not bad either, they give a good message for a day like today as it is on February 14, which is not only love, it’s friendship, the delay that production had rather favored him.

It is seen that it will have a trilogy, since what the character throws lightning is new, and it is not spoiler, in the trailers that is seen, and well, yes, it has a post-credit scene in the first credits that is important.

PS: Have lunch in the cinema with your food that you have prepared from your home instead of popcorn, and that is hot, is priceless.

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Marriage Story review

Posted : 4 years, 6 months ago on 6 January 2020 02:16 (A review of Marriage Story)

I am surprised that Netflix finally makes films that do not feel indie productions with low budget, if feel more like, movies.

And it seems ironic that this nominated for several film awards, taking into account that there were many people in Hoolywood who said that Netflix productions would not be nominated for the Oscars.

Yes, the movie is good, watch it, the performances are very good. I identify with the character of Adam Driver.

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Abominable review

Posted : 4 years, 6 months ago on 31 December 2019 03:29 (A review of Abominable)

It's not bad at all, and it's even pretty, the only thing that happens is why does Dreamworks lately have problems with villains? In this movie is the lived image of the same problem.

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Abominable review

Posted : 4 years, 6 months ago on 31 December 2019 03:28 (A review of Abominable)

It's not bad at all, and it's even pretty, the only thing that happens is why does Dreamworks lately have problems with villains? In this movie is the lived image of the same problem.

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Xenoblade Chronicles review

Posted : 4 years, 6 months ago on 24 December 2019 03:47 (A review of Xenoblade Chronicles)

After 105 hours, I finished the main story of the first Xenoblade Chronicles.

The game is fantastic in every way, it's great and even satisfying.

Of course, it may be that the story is very anime, but it knows how to make its plot twists and they make you import each of every characters that appear on screen, and I'm not afraid to say, that this main group is one of the best that is out there, rivaling a bit with those of the Legend of Anng.

While technically and playable, it is also amazing and I repeat, even satisfactory. Fighting with that RPG style of action in those huge worlds that make up Bionis and Mekonis is a thing that excites too much.

Of course, the only frustrating thing I found was the collection of objects in the secondary missions, especially when you have to rebuild a colony, since I can never complete my adventure 100% for an event that occurs in the history (I know there is game + , but still, I have that empty space).

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Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker review

Posted : 4 years, 7 months ago on 20 December 2019 06:58 (A review of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker)

Dud, I don´t understand, the critics like the 8 movie but the public don´t, now it happens the oppesite.

This shows the influence of the community.

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Motoko Kusanagi review

Posted : 4 years, 7 months ago on 25 November 2019 04:42 (A review of Motoko Kusanagi)

I wanted to talk about this after I finished Stan Alone Complex, and so say what I think about the conflict I have with the character of Mokoto Kusanagi and his respective overvaluation.

Let's say, he is a good character in a world more than well written, but badly treated and wasted by his different directions, visions, requirement of fans and even the author himself.

There are different types of works where it is set in a science fiction universe where the existential and social crisis are the daily bread, but it has its main characters with charisma, and they even take time to make a joke about the situation in the that they are, and still feeling realistic in their unlikely context.

I feel that Mokoto is not like that, even becomes in a Mary Sue very stupidly for the different stories in which she covers, and her attitude, where yes, I bought her to be serious because she was the commander of a group of elite soldiers, and yes, it also has its dialogues where it teaches a lesson or a more interesting perspective for the viewer, but being that it only becomes that, a serious character who knows what he does and if you say the wrong thing in front of her Well, you fuck.

That is why villains always stop it, and even convince it of its objectives, where they are more than valid, despite their terrorist and anarchic actions.

By God, I even say that the other main characters, who are his coworkers, such as Batou and Togusa, become more interesting, and without needing to see them as the pros of the series, if not as serious people, that they have their difficulties in their life, they are equally cyborgs like Mokoto (not all characters, of course), and they can't beat the mission villain because oups, Mokoto came to the rescue.

Besides that the sexualization of the character is something unnecessary and even distracts (and yes, I know that it is by marketing of the otaku public), I am surprised that his companions never get to see his suggestive parts in their different versions of Ghost in the Shell.

I repeat, does Major Mokoto Kusanagi seem like a bad character? No, I think it is a bad one for the context that is directed to his works, better examples like her if there is, like "Ridley" by Alien, "The Boss" in Metal Gear Solid 3, or "Samus" by Metroid (if we ignore his Other M version, of course).

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Carole and Tuesday review

Posted : 4 years, 9 months ago on 4 October 2019 03:49 (A review of Carole and Tuesday)

Aff...¿Como puedo hablar de esta serie? Ante sus errores y su injusta impopularidad, teniendo en cuenta que se convirtió en unos de mis animes favoritos, y posiblemente, lo que más he disfrutado en este 2019, y si, con eso me refiero que lo disfrute más que Jojos Golden Wind.

Carole & Tuesday es una de esas series que se quieren diferenciar de lo estándar que hay en el mercado, y claro, teniendo en cuenta a un director de prenombre como lo hes Shinichiro Watanabe, mismo que dirijo en su entonces a Cowboy Bebop, Space Dandy y Animatrix, pero claro, ya seria spamearlos mucho mencionandolo cada rato en este trabajo, pero quiero que sepan el gran potencial que tiene la misma antes que la vayan a ver, sobretodo con la ayuda de un estudio de animación reconocido como lo es Bones, mismos que hicieron Fullmetal Alchemist, Hero Academia, Mob Psycho 100 y hasta Soul Eater.

Ya que hay bastante gente que no conoce el show (teniendo en cuenta que esta en Netflix), explicare un poco de lo que trata la misma.

La obra se ambienta en un universo de ciencia ficción, donde la sociedad de la tierra logra vivir en marte, y hasta plantar gobiernos que sean independientes de la Tierra, eso es, es el tipo de genero que el encanta hacer Watanabe, pero créeme, no es el tema principal de la serie, ya que principalmente te quiere mostrar como se mueve el mundo del mercado musical y de las dificultades que pasan los artistas en aquel mundillo, mostrando lo turbio y hasta el lado bonito del mismo, enfocándonos más en lo chill, incluso la serie nos avisa a partir de los dos openings y su diseño de personajes y ambientes calidos y de color pasteles, y sin necesidad de utilizar aquel diseño de personajes de ojos de alien llamado "Moe".

La serie sin lugar a dudas tiene sus grandes aciertos, y tiene sus bajos, sobretodo, estos salen a la luz en la segunda parte del anime, pero solo a nivel argumental, cosa que no se si fue culpa de la esposa del mismo director, que lo cual se encarga del guión, por que si, la mayoría de los desaciertos ocurren aqui, con múltiples deus ex machima, conveniencias, y hasta agujeros argumentales, sobretodo el tema "político social" que te quiere tirar la serie termina siendo tan irrelevante al final, como para apoyar a los movimientos anti-censura y la unión en la gente y artistas.

Pero bueno, tomemos en cuenta que es el primer trabajo de la esposa de Watanabe, quizás, el mismo le dio esa libertad creativa para que ella se expresara de lo que piensa y siente del mercado musical, cosa que Watanabe, muestra que le encanta en todas sus producciones.

Y oh vaya, cuando hablamos de la música de esta serie, es magistral, desde temas de los más tranquilos, electrónica, dusptep, pop y hasta llegar al rap pesado (o eso diría yo), hay una admirable variedad de géneros musicales e instrumentos que se nota que la producción de Bones tuvo que gastar hasta la ultima moneda del presupuesto que le pusieron a la producción en los movimientos de los cantantes y de su animación de captura de movimiento en personas reales, solo vayan al canal de Youtube oficial de la serie, que hasta hay dos cantantes que son igualitas a los personajes protagonicos. Y veo que eso es típico del director, ya que el siempre acaba sobrepasando del presupuesto inicial, ya que ya le paso lo mismo cuando hizo Cowboy Bebop.

Mis temas favoritos, o al menos, los que representan a la perfección a la serie y su tono, son 3, y dos de ellos ya los he compartido en mis redes sociales:

"Round & Laundry": [Link removed - login to see]

"Give you the World": [Link removed - login to see]

Y "Message in the Wind": [Link removed - login to see]

Daria puntos al primer capitulo (que es hermoso) y al ultimo capitulo por sus escenas instrumentales, pero seria spoiler pasarlas por aquí, quiero que tengan su experiencia si logran verla , aunque yo esperaba un poco más sobre la canción final de 7 minutos, quizás sea que como ya vi Whiplash, esa escena no me movió tanto como la película.

Y se que habrán algunos que me diran, "Pero hay otras series que son mejores que esta y son de música" y que "Hay otros animes de música que son buenas", y yo diré, si, lo se, yo también he visto Beck, y hasta ese anime del mismo creador de esta misma serie que hablo, Kids of the Slope, que de paso, deberían ver, es un drama estudiantil bien hecho, de las joyitas ocultas que hay por ahí, así que créeme, yo se que es lo que me enfrento al hacer esta reseña recomendación.

Al final y al cabo, amo a Carole & Tuesday, es una serie que deberían conocer a pesar de sus bajos, al menos por un rato, su primer episodio o escuchar sus temas musicales en vídeo, es una lastima que esta serie esta siendo en gran parte ignorada en la comunidad por tanto isekai y fanservice pedorro que hay por ahí.

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